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Male Order

The global male grooming industry is worth close to $50billion, with the UK alone generating sales of £1.7 billion.

Long gone are the days where men would simply ‘wash & go’. From Beard Oils to ‘intimate waxing’, the chaps have certainly got the beauty bug! Companies like Bulldog Skincare are going from strength to strength , but it’s not just products that the men are’s taking precious time out and having a pamper. 

I have always looked after my skin, but I wanted to see the diversity of treatments that were available for men at the moment. 

Bowen Treatment - prices vary but starts from around £55
This is a gentle treatment on the body where soft movements using fingers on certain meridian points help to ease nerve pathways and allow the body to ‘reset’. This treatment is proving very popular with gym junkies as well desk bound city boys. I felt invigorated & energised after my treatment with the incredibly experienced, Kylie and old ‘ailments ‘ were certainly addressed during my session, but I think with another 1 or 2 sessions I would be brand new!

Oskia Glow Signature Facial, prices may vary but mine was £85,  
Straight after my Bowen experience I settled back for a soothing restorative facial from Felicity.  Oskia is an award winning British brand that is based around MSM -a natural form of organic sulphur, which boosts collagen & keratin production, detoxifies cells, decreases inflammation and promotes even skin tone. The range also has the most advanced high-tech actives, including plant stem cell technology, peptide complexes, anti-oxidants, enzymes, prebiotics, plant extracts and floral oils to help rejuvenate your skin. This facial also incorporated the Rose De Mai Soothing Skincare Candle being used during the facial as massage oil.....something that I’ve never experienced before. Divine! The experience was so relaxing that I nodded off...something that I never do. 

 Geneo+ ,again prices will vary depending on where you go, mine was £87 for 1hour. This unisex, non-invasive facial is a combination of hands on and the Geneo machine to exfoliate, infuse, oxygenate then tighten. First is gentle microdermabrasion which is specifically set to your skin and gently buffs the skin creating oxygen bubbles that are infused into the skin , stimulating cell renewal as well as oxygenation. Then, for tightening and contouring , Radio Frequency is set to your specific skin needs and is used to stimulate collagen production. Finally a non chemical SPF is added to the skin for protection. There’s no downtime with this treatment and my skin was certainly glowing. This treatment is perfect for men who have quite toxic & stressful lifestyles or are concerned with pigmentation and lines. 

Man’s Best Friend?
Bulldog Age Defence serum £12, Boots
This relatively new product from British brand, Bulldog is a very affordable serum to 

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Armand Beasley is a celebrity makeup artist and beauty columnist. He is a regular contributor to beauty magazines and publications, and appears on TV, radio and podcasts.

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Armand Beasley is a celebrity makeup artist and beauty colum­nist. He is a reg­u­lar con­trib­ut­or to beauty magazines and pub­lic­a­tions, and appears on TV, radio and podcasts.

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